Build, Don’t Break Relationships with communication

I’ve recently broke up with a very close person in my life. It seems like I replay scenarios, conversation, and interactions in my head all the time. What could I have done different? Did I not communicate? Is this my fault? Was I the one that was scared to speak? We were so close and had a bond that felt like it could span over lifetimes. Whenever we were together, I felt alive. I felt that he ignited within me so much fire for life. Over the past month, my best friend and I have stopped talking. I know and feel that there was so much love between us, but it’s gone now and it’s sad. I would accuse him that he would not communicate with me properly, but was it me who didn’t communicate properly?

I am humble enough to know that it takes two to tango. I am humble enough to know that it takes two to be in a relationship. What did I do wrong? What didn’t I say? What could I have done to make it work? I’m so sorry.

To be honest, I could try to point fingers and blame people, but I take this one on me. I want to learn from this experience. I have room for improvement and I’m not perfect. How can I communicate? How can I express myself effectively? How can I build a relationship with communication?

One thing I learned is that proper communication can make a big difference. I hope to grow and learn. I hope to figure out how to speak from my heart and express my feelings.

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