Drapetomania: A Slave Born In Freedom



As a child, while I attended middle school, a teacher made a comment in passing that ended up being a seed planted in fresh soil.  She made the remark, “Everyone is born free, but can be slaves to their own minds.”  As those words left her lips, my mind had already begun to ponder on what she had meant by her statement.  Now, I brought up that old teacher’s comment because here I am, 14 years since that middle school day, and I am still applying that statement to some life situations.  At times I have to ask myself, “Am I really trapped by my current problems, or am I being a slave to my own mind?”

As I have grown to learn how to become a righteous adult, I have learned that, even though we may get into these difficult and dangerous situations ourselves, there is no problem that can hold a person down forever.  We…

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