A Libra in the Midst of His Season



I have spent over a year trying to understand my purpose in God and why I am here on this Earth.  As a starting point, I remember taking the time to read the bible to gain my own connection with Allah.  Then I started to research on myself.  I have never been into zodiacs and still do not consider myself a man of horoscopes or any of that nonsense.  With that noted, I can say that while reading up on my zodiac sign, a small spark inside of me ignited, as if God was giving me a nudge to keep on reading.  At times I felt as if the woman had written that article especially for me.

I know all daily horoscopes are just generalized, mumbo jumbo for the average dull mind, but I was not reading a horoscope.  I was reading about the Libra star constellation.  Libra is a star constellation

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